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Why I Think Telemedicine Only Works for Some Personality Types

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Wed, Jul 29, 2015 @ 07:00 AM


Doctors have different motivations for going into medicine. Some do it because they thrive on the intellectual and emotional challenge. Some because they have an altruistic desire to help people ease their medical problems. Some seek power. Others go into it because it seems stable, prestigious, and potentially well remunerated. Most, in my experience, do it because of a combination of the challenge and the altruism.

These different motivations create different actions and priorities in day-to-day care.

For instance, as Dr. Mikkael Sekeres describes, doctors who prioritize control or power can overreact when patients as for a second opinion. (I will say, though, that supporting second opinions is a nuanced thing -- from time to time, the inappropriate pursuit of multiple opinions will actually subvert, rather than support, the patient's health goals.)

We've frequently seen this with providers who use -- or don't use -- iClickCare. You can often predict the administrators and providers who embrace this collaboration tool.

Those who embrace telemedicine and collaboration are motivated by good care, not power or financial reward.


(Although, ironically, both power and financial reward seem to come from innovating and collaborating.) Those who embrace it are willing to take a risk (just the risk of having tried something.) Those who embrace it see their colleagues as friends and allies rather than as competitors.

In the same way that Dr. Sekeres believes that opening oneself to second opinions is part of being a good doctor, we believe that opening oneself to collaboration and technology is part of being a good doctor in 2015 and beyond.

No one of us is as good as all of us. And for those of us who want to be truly good at being a medical provider -- that means that collaboration is essential.


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