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Why DSRIP Is The Huge Change In Healthcare You May Never Have Heard Of

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Wed, Nov 04, 2015 @ 07:30 AM


I often write this blog from the point of view of a provider. So often, I advocate for providers taking care of patients the best way they know how, and letting political or regulatory issues handle themselves in the background.They have different languages, different standards, different goals and different priorities.

Sometimes, though, there is a big enough regulatory shift that providers must pay attention to it -- or they simply won't be able to care for their patients. I'd put EMR / EHR Meaningful Use in this category, as well as HIPAA and HITECH. 

And now there is another acronym to understand -- DSRIP -- or the Delivery System Reform Incentive Program. If DSRIP hasn't impacted you yet, it will soon. So, in the service of making these shifts as navigable for providers as possible, we're writing a series of posts on this experimental program, which is currently most developed in New York State, to help you understand what will be "coming soon" to an exam room near you.

This first post is an overview. Subsequent posts will become more detailed about the four basic parts of the program and where you can/will/must interact as a provider.

ClickCare defines providers as medical professionals of all types and roles. They are those who take care of patients, from the home health aide to the super-specialist to the community health worker. My colleagues who are healthcare providers ask and mull over questions from their patients like:

  • How do you feel?
  • How do you feel about that?
  • What brings you in today?
  • How are you doing at school, who are your friends?
  • Do you understand what we've talked about about your cancer? Do you understand what we all need to do together?

We know our patients as people, sometimes clients. The other part of the medical system -- the piece that works at a governmental level -- necessarily knows them as covered lives, at-risk populations, cost centers, and customers. They are asking questions like:

  • Is this appropriate?
  • Is this fraud?
  • How do I keep both my employer (customer) and those I am responsible for (member and panel) satisfied.
  • How do I stay in business, for without staying in business, I have nothing that I can offer?
  • Do you understand that our healthcare system has cancer? Do you all understand what we all need to do?
We are aware of costs. They are primarily aware of costs. We strive for personalized individual care. They strive for standards and quality measures. We look at individuals. They look at populations.

Each participant shares the same goal -- we're just coming at them from different directions. The meeting point may well be DSRIP. As one of our colleagues said as we sat in his living room, “What is DSRIP?”. Another colleague said “Oh that, it is the source of endless meetings and yammering consultants rehashing the obvious.” Whether you've heard of DSRIP or not -- you will soon, and it will impact how you care for patients, guaranteed.

We will discuss the history and describe and define next. Please comment and stay tuned. Collaboration is inevitable. We hope to make it easier for all of us.
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