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What We Learned About Medicine From a Bunch of Maps

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Fri, May 06, 2016 @ 07:30 AM


When we first started ClickCare, one of the things that was really happening was that we were re-thinking the connections and the "map" of healthcare.

We saw nurses and doctors as deeply connected. We saw specialties as integrated with each other. We saw patients, families, caregivers, teachers, and healthcare providers as interconnected parts of the same goal and team.

So we were curious to read a recent Washington Times article talking about the book Connectography Mapping the Future of Civilization. Author Parag Khanna tells Ana Swanson, "We’re accelerating into a future shaped less by countries than by connectivity."

He posits that we need to an inevitably will think about borders in new and different ways. He describes economic city states formed by trade and influence rather than geopolitical boundaries. He notes that these have formed already, and what is needed is the technology -- in this case, high speed lines rail lines -- to make it all work.

That resonates with us as much the same dynamic we see in medicine -- that we are moving into a future less shaped by speciality or organization than by connectivity and performance. The connections among the science, the ideas, and the people are already there.

iClickCare is the technology that makes it all work.



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