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What Apple's Battle with the FBI Proves About HIPAA and Telemedicine

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Fri, Feb 26, 2016 @ 07:30 AM


We are advocates for telemedicine solutions that don't require expensive hardware setups. In fact, we created iClickCare specifically so that it works on all devices-- your computer at home, your computer at work, iPhone, or other smartphone. That way, there is nothing complicated to learn and no tedious hardware implementation.

Most importantly of course, iClickCAre is HIPAA compliant regardless of what platform or device you are using.

You can use iClickCare with any smartphone, but one question we get a lot is why our smartphone app is for the iPhone and iPad but not originally for the Android. The reason that we have only created an app specifically for the iPhone thus far is very specific, and it is related to all of the controversy that has been in the news this week.

As you've probably heard, Apple has been tense negotiations (and now court battles) with the FBI, over an order for Apple to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernadino gunman. The FBI has been trying unsuccessfully to open or access the data on the iPhone since the tragedy in December. The FBI said that if left to try to hack into their iPhone on their own, it could take them more than a decade to do so. On the Apple side, Tim Cook, CEO argues that breaking into the phone would effectively create a data "back door" which would make all data for all iPhone users unsafe. Microsoft and Google have backed their stance.
Which comes back to iClickCare: every decision we make in the company is in support of HIPAA-compliant healthcare collaboration. We created an iPhone app because of the failsafe encryption -- which keeps you and your patients safe.

We often think of technology as separate from living (life). It helps us live, it shapes our lives, but somehow our freedoms are always above it. We decide where we search, by what means, by what device. We decide where we store our information and is encryption needed, or not.

HIPAA was born in 1996 because the power of technology seemed to demand regulation to control it. This has been both a boon and a bane. A boon because we feel somewhat safe from prying eyes; a bane because it has become an excuse for being lazy, non-communicative and uncaring. It has also left healthcare (the business) and healthcare (for the patient) in a place where our demand for security conflicts with the back doors of interoperability and meaningful use with patient access.

We support the position of Apple and most of the tech industry. Since we provide healthcare collaboration and network services for healthcare, we must build our platform on the most secure private foundation as possible.

Further, a backdoor, aid so the terrorists in two ways. It provides a backdoor to them and allows them to take away our freedoms and privacy as well.

If you're concerned about HIPAA compliance, you can download our free checklist and toolkit to stay safe, here: 

ClickCare Quick Guide to HIPAA Checklist and Toolkit

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