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Telemedicine -- One Tool for Wound Care Nurses' Exceptional Work

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Mon, Apr 18, 2016 @ 07:30 AM



Every year, we take a moment to pause when WOCN week comes around on the calendar. As this week of recognition for Wound Ostemy and Continence Nurses comes to a close, we congratulate and laud our WOCN colleagues and customers.

Wound care is a difficult speciality with a lot of complex decision making. We have noticed that nurses who are dedicated to wound care, our WOCNs, show an uncommon and exceptional understanding of the need to collaborate on behalf of the patient. Moreover, they have the skills to do so.

iClickCare was developed from the early days in collaborated with dedicated WOCNs in our hometown of Binghamton, NY as well as farther afield. 


iClickCare has always been designed to support Wound Care nurses, by: 

  • Providing the visually rich media that lets a picture be a thousand words, and more.
  • Allowing comparison of wounds over time, visit to visit -- or, in life saving events, minute to minute and hour to hour.
  • Empowering discussion which leads to better outcomes through understanding and communication.
  • Saving time in avoiding the need for written orders.
  • Allowing an “onset, immediate” surgeon visit with a secure click of the iPhone.
  • Limiting the experience of standing around and waiting for supplies and personnel while gowned, masked and gloved.

    There are some special friends who we think of daily and with whom we grew up in our hospital system. They are our mentors, or examples, and our examples of who we should be. Janet and Chris, thank you.

    And thank you to all WOCNs.


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WOC Nurse Week 2012: Models of Medical Collaboration

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Mon, Apr 09, 2012 @ 09:04 PM

This week is WOCN week. 

WOCN knows collaborative care

We wish to honor these three special people. They are three dedicated nurses with whom we work everyday as we carry on with our clinical practices. They are nurses at United Health Services Hospitals.

  • Janet Brhel, RN, BS, CWOCN.
  • Christine Oliver, RN, BS, CWOCN.
  • Ann Semo, RN, BS, CWOCN.

WOCNs provide collaborative care at the bedside

Ann Semo, RN, BS, WOCN-C 

At first meeting, these exceptional people seem like just any other WOCN. They can be easily described as committed, patient, personable, educated, and advocating for their patients.

They are all of these, but with so much more richness. They are always available and always receptive. They are always supportive of their colleagues and avid teachers. They are resources for our hospital system and for our nearby and distant communities.

And even more, they are visionaries. They know the value of collaboration. Collaborative care is part of their natures which makes their championing of ClickCare humbling and inspiring.

As they talk about ClickCare, listen to the back story -- their idealism, their commitment, their advocacy.

They are the Best. As a spring time wish, we wish that each of you could be as fortunate as us to have them as collaborative colleagues.

Christine Oliver, RN, BS, WOCN-C


Janet Brhel, RN, BS, WOCN-C 

Our thanks to them and to every other member of the WOCN Society

Here is a WOCN Nurse Week Brochure about WOCNs from the WOCN Society.

Learn more about care coordination and medical collaboration using iClickCare:


Click me




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