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Chapter 9: Bringing It All Together for Care Coordination

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Wed, Dec 14, 2011 @ 01:30 AM

This is the ninth week of our chapter-by-chapter release of Medical iPhone Photography.

Many of you have loyally downloaded each chapter as it has become available.

You have learned:

  • Tips and Tricks and the technical reasons behind them.
  • Good principles of clinical photography also known as medical photography.
  • Some subtle aspects of the iPhone as it is used to take care of patients.

Coordinated Care with PicturesThe book is now about to be published in iBooks in the Apple iTunes store, in Amazon, and in Barnes and Noble’s eBook section. Of course, this is complex, and while we delayed this post until everything was tied up with a bow for the holidays, we aren’t quite there yet.

One pleasure of ClickCare is working with wonderful people. For example, the world expert on electronic publishing, Liz Castro, has graciously and expertly helped us finalize our electronic version of the complete book. So stay tuned for our release announcement of the complete Medical iPhone Photography book. We will tweet it as well.

The print version also has been proofed and is ready. It is just the right size (iPhone size) to fit in your pocket and be a holiday gift.

So what is coming in Chapter 9?  We will talk about iClickCare itself, and how it incorporates the excellent medical photographs you have learned to take, and how it allows them to be quickly and conveniently used for discussion and collaboration. HIPAA and HITECH security are both baked in, and managing the network is familiar and easy. If you have an organizational administrator setting things up, fine, and if not, you can do it yourself.

Look for the printed version as well as the electronic forms. We are aiming to make your holiday shopping easier just now, and the rest of the year stress free as well.

In the meantime download Chapter 9 now, and see the finished picture.

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Chapter 6 of Medical iPhone Photography on Turkey Day!

Posted by Cheryl Kerr on Thu, Nov 24, 2011 @ 07:51 AM

Collaboraton pardoned this turkey
  • How to get clear photographs,.

  • How to zoom and use macro.

  • Pardon me, but what about gloves?

Tricks for iPhone camera handling are discussed. It is also remembered that a blurry photograph is frustrating to see (unless it's a background) but it can be better than nothing. Whether you're a physician, a nurse practitioner, a therapist, an aide, or a specialist or anyone else who cares, this is just part of good communication.

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While you are taking Thanksgiving pictures, REMEMBER TO HOLD THE CAMERA STILL. Clear photographs will even make Thanksgiving happier!

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Good Collaboration: Telemedicine with iPhone and Ruler. Ch 4.

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Thu, Nov 10, 2011 @ 01:09 PM

ruler for telemedicineIn Chapter 4, Background & Measurements, you will:

  • Recall why measurements matter.

  • Decide what to leave in and what to take out.

  • Learn simple tricks to choose an optimal background.

    There is no question that collaboration is enhanced by having words and pictures presented as an ensemble, together, rather than separately. Clear communication requires structured writing, and photography is no different. Photographs illustrate deeply and quickly what text struggles to describe. Text gives history and relevance to photographs.

The chapters below, include, among other things:

Chapter 1:

What clinical and medical photography are

What makes a good clinical photograph

medical photography introductory chapter

Chapter 2: 

Why HIPAA and HITECH compliance is important in medical iPhone photography

Why setting up photographic permissions properly enhances patient care

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How to use the ePub feature on the iPhone and related tablets

How to pose and frame for maximum communication and comparison

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Now the NEW Chapter 4:

Discusses background, color distraction and measurement. It has common sense suggestions born of many years experience. For instance, why is blue an ideal background color?

Download Chapter 4 here. As always we strongly encourage your comments, corrections, and most of all, any sharing (this is medical collaboration, after all) of your own experiences.

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Introducing a Unique Book, Medical iPhone Photography

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Thu, Oct 20, 2011 @ 07:20 PM

  • What is clinical photography? Is it medical photography?
  • What is the best camera for clinical photography.
  • What makes a good clinical photograph.

historic digital cameraStarting today, we are excited to share decades of experience in medical and clincial photography using digital cameras. The paradigm shift from the time of the first Apple QuickTake is awe inspiring. Still, the value of good consistent clinical photographs is without change.

In 9 lessons we will show you how to maximize the remarkable capabilities of the iPhone, understand the principles of medical and clincal photography, feel comfortable in documentation both descriptively and visually.

clinical picture on iPhoneIt is true that the iPhone camera interface is intuitive, but while the one of the authors was writing the manuscript, the other was learning tips about flash settings and posing the patient while editing. When the tables were turned, the primary author learned new things about the automatic macro and video "righting." Originally the digital photography revolution was seen as a way to take and store before and after pictures easily; originally the resolution and the camera functioning was not ideal. At this point in time, the quality from that small camera "in your pocket" is amazing when coupled with these simple techniques.

medical photography introductory chapter

Medical iPhone Photography will be released one chapter a week until mid both an iBook for the iPad or iPhone or a PDF for everything else. Then the book will become available in printed form for holiday giving to your favorite healthcare provider.

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