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Think Medical "Support Staff" Doesn't Do Telemedicine? You're Wrong.

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Tue, Sep 27, 2016 @ 06:37 AM

00062.jpgWe've started creating a weekly compilation of a blog posts. Most of our readers have had a really positive response to the articles we send.
One reader's kind response, though, got us thinking. To paraphrase, this reader (who was generous enough to take the time to write to us!) said,
"These are too medical and are not for me. I am not a doctor and just part of the secretarial and support staff."
At first reading, my main feeling was to be apologetic -- we never want to send anyone mail that they don't want or isn't helpful to them. 
But then I started to wonder whether this concern went deeper than just a simple request to unsubscribe. It was the part of the email that said "I am not a doctor and just part of the secretarial and support staff" that made us wonder.
Any counselor or friend would of course say that you are an individual and as such you are very important to you and to those around you. I would go further. You are a key piece of a shifting, complicated, important and, at times, frustrating, healthcare system. Every single person is an integral part of making the healthcare system work -- admins and secretarial staff no less than doctors.
But being part of the secretarial staff in the healthcare system isn't like being secretarial staff in any other industry. Remember what you mean to the patient. Irrespective of your title, rank or privilege, you make a difference to each individual patient you meet. They come to you for help. They will receive a prescription, a surgery, a diet or a consult from someone else. Is the "someone else" the “star?" Or is it really you who makes everything work, arranges schedule and time, assures that the data is in place, helps with the burden of finances, and sets the tone for open and helpful discussion?
Sometimes we'll be at a dinner party and someone asks us what we do. When we start to explain, the person summarizes, "Oh yeah, that great telemedicine tool for doctors." 
We often say "Yes!" and move on. But the truth is that every time we hear that iClickCare is a telemedicine tool "for doctors," we feel a little queasy.
iClickCare is about seamless, effortless, delightful, coordination of care. It is collaboration and handoff. It is efficiency and satisfaction. You ARE part of the team. It is you who run things, it is you who can remind us when auto notification fails, add information when some is lacking, inform the patient that there is a team that is working.
You are part of the system -- and that system is what keeps us all healthy and a part of our loved one's lives. 
If you want to learn more about iClickCare -- whatever role you play on the medical team -- you can do that here:
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