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The Two Surprising Factors in Health IT Adoption

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Thu, May 25, 2017 @ 06:03 AM

mitchell-hollander-205952.jpg75% of healthcare providers in the US agree that the adoption of Health IT is crucial to the future of health. But the adoption of Health IT lags behind this vision.

Why?  Well, The Future of Health Index report by Philips identified two central issues holding back Health IT adoption in the US.

The factors they identified resonated greatly with us at ClickCare, both as barriers that we see to telemedicine and to healthcare collaboration adoption -- as well as being core design principles in how we created iClickCare.

The two factors identified in the report as key to Health IT adoption are time and trust.

When it comes to TIME, Health IT has to be thoughtful about saving providers time within their existing workflow. “We’re focused on technology restoring time to the doctor, the nurse or the caregiver so they can use that time to interact with the patient,” Brian Donley, M.D., chief of staff at the Cleveland Clinic told FierceHealthcare.

Specifically, most health systems are skeptical about technologies that become burdensome for providers, rather than improving their workflow and integrating with the patient interaction. This is why iClickCare is built to work on iPhones, and fit with the existing workflow and technology of providers -- not create the scheduling fiascos of video conferencing or requiring expensive, time-consuming-to-learn hardware.

TRUST is the other key to Health IT adoption that the report identified. "I think we’re not there yet on the trusting relationships that have to be built to develop better partnerships among the patients, among the industry, among the payers and that disruptive innovator,” Donley said to Fierce Healthcare.

We've found the same to be true with iClickCare -- that collaboration and trust across the continuum of care are fundamental to telemedicine adoption. Where it exists, innovation thrives. That said, we've also found that using iClickCare can actually increase trust among providers -- increased communication and coordination starts to take down barriers to real collaboration.

Time and trust are two things that every provider is aware of and feels are scarce in today's medical context -- and our mission at ClickCare is to cultivate both through healthcare collaboration. These twi things are too precious to ignore.

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