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The Surprising Way to Beat Healthcare Provider Burnout

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Fri, Jul 22, 2016 @ 07:30 AM

campfire.jpegWith all the griping about medicine that happens these days, it's shocking when anything is positive, much less, overwhelmingly positive.

That's why we really enjoyed Dr. Danielle Ofri's article in the New York Times recently about one thing that remains very, very positive in healthcare today:
90% of patients are satisfied by their relationship with their primary care doctor.

So many healthcare providers are jaded by the system. They've decided that medicine is a job like any other, in an industry like any other -- and the way to succeed is by minimizing their hours at work and maximizing their pay check.

We can understand where those folks are coming from. But the thing that differentiates our colleagues who use iClickCare is that they have chosen not to go down this road. Our colleagues who use iClickCare have made the choice that medicine is a calling, not a job. They decided that it's an art and a science, not a set of rules to carry out. And although iClickCare makes sense in terms of dollars and cents, most people who use iClickCare use it because it connects them to other providers and helps them serve their patients better. In other words, because it brings them joy.

Healthcare provider burnout is bad and getting worse. But working less won't help and neither will making more money. Interestingly, the data is very clear: connecting more with colleagues and the satisfcation of caring for your patients will make you happier and healthier as a medical provider. 

As Dr. Ofri says about medicine: "The awe of discovering the human body, the honor of being trusted to give advice, the gratification of helping someone through a difficult illness, the intellectual stimulation of continually learning — these things never grow old… We doctors… shouldn't be afraid to speak up about what's right [about medicine.]"

We remain inspired by those doctors who tap into that awe every day, and by those who speak up about what is right about medicine -- and how we can do more of it. 


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