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Nurse-Led Models of Care Innovating in Healthcare Collaboration

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Wed, May 03, 2017 @ 06:05 AM

Nurses.jpgWe've found, throughout our careers, that nurses can be some of the most innovative, effective medical providers in the healthcare system.

So we weren't surprised to read a RAND research report summarizing the deep success of three nurse-designed care models.

Their commonalities have a lot to teach all medical providers… and their challenges illuminate the challenges that all who seek to improve medicine tend to face.

RAND researchers examined three nurse-designed care models that have been recognized by the American Academy of Nursing's Edge Runner program: Centering Pregnancy, INSIGHTS into Children's Temperament (INSIGHTS), and Family Practice and Counseling Network (the Network). The Edge Runner program supports innovative care models, designed by nurses, that advance a holistic care model for an underserved population.

These care models were all exceptionally successful and had these commonalities: 

  • Collaboration with diverse partners and major hospital systems
  • Fostering social support systems
  • An understanding of "non-healthcare" needs of patients: stresses, overall health, and community context. 
  • Focus on integrating health services and systems.
  • Commitment to empowering patients.
  • A dedicated "champion" nurse that pioneers collaborative efforts.

The common thread? These initiatives focus on healthcare collaboration -- in the broadest sense -- and do care coordination at a high level. In other words, these programs are models and pioneers for the future of healthcare.

Their barriers and obstacles, then, are equally interesting: 

  • Sustainable funding.
  • Societal bias to individual care. 
  • A tendency of health care providers to "stay inside the walls"
  • Inconsistent training. 

These programs are models for all of us who are working to improve healthcare -- and their barriers are sobering reminders of the barriers we all face. But we applaud these nurses' efforts and hope that we can contribute in some way to their success. 


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