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Money Can’t Stand in The Way of Better Healthcare

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Wed, Aug 03, 2016 @ 07:30 AM

money.jpegAn interesting twist in what goes around, comes around.

Jason Helgerson, the Director of New York State Medicaid, wrote recently to offer encouragement and advice to Great Britain’s National Health System. Despite many of its laudable accomplishments, it turns out that the NHS is strapped for funds. We applaud Helgerson's attitude around creativity, innovation, and the merits of a positive attitude. We also hope to assist his New York State efforts by providing our iClickCare care coordination and telehealth system.

We have often argued for change over control. Contrast change which Helgerson suggests with that of the subtle rationing approach, which of course prioritizes control.

On the other hand, too much creativity can be problematic. When should profit be prioritized for good?

ClickCare is not a pharmaceutical company and respects that big pharma is providing value. The product iClickCare is a new technology with plenty of development and testing. Now all we have to do is to have innovative people step forward and do something different -- collaborate.


To learn more about how telemedicine can play a role in your organization, download our quick guide:

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