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Is Telemedicine a Way to Get Back to Good Old Fashioned Medicine?

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Wed, Apr 08, 2015 @ 09:46 AM


HIPAA, of course, will not let us share why we am here, but we are in a hospital atrium waiting area, waiting. 

This particular hospital is one that I visit only infrequently and is not my primary hospital. (That sentence alone is a whole story that illustrates the changes in medicine.) I run into old friends: the type of friends that only a long and loving career in medicine can nourish.  Nurses, advanced practice nurses, physicians.  Friends who help each other take care of our patients.  Friends who put the patient first. Good old fashioned medicine.

Our multifaceted heathcare system would have it otherwise. It is not efficient to talk. It is not documentable to console and encourage each other. But we do it anyway. We remember the experiences we share, and we remember the lessons learned. Real learning from real experience is not always in the clinical guidelines binder and an evidence base for the situation we were in -- cannot be found -- because it does not exist.

It is not a world of the 80:20 rule, Pareto efficiency, or here which would be easier for the financial side of our brains to manage. It is 100:0. Alive or dead; healthy or well.  Things end up in between, but, the intent needs to be absolute and perfectionistic.

Managed care is important. But as we move into an age of "value-based" medicine, we must ask: “Whose values?” Are they those of Maimonides and Hippocrates?  “Is efficient care the best care?"  Mostly yes, sometimes no. Because of the erection of silos around us, communication becomes vital for the patient to survive. We will never return to the days of a cottage industry, but we have the opportunity to supersede the limitations of industrialized medicine.  iClickCare strives to reestablish the communication, conversation, satisfaction, support, and good care that is intrinsic to our professions. Hybrid Store-and-Forward® telemedicine brings back the best of working together, while taking advantage of the concept that "no one of us is as smart as all of us."  Of course, the “all of us” welcomingly includes our committed and public policy makers and the members of our team who administer.  

And finally, if you are a patient (and we all are), take an active part in reestablishing your role and responsibility in the process. Move back, intellectually, to the "good old fashioned" time when you paid the doctor directly after discussing the options best for you.  It can be done again -- and we create it by our expectation and commitment to make it happen.

Those principles of the past can be massively empowered by using the technology of now and of the future.

Learn more about how Hybrid Store-and-Forward telemedicine can bring us back to a time of commonsense communication:
ClickCare Quick Guide to Hybrid Store-and-Forward

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