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Healthcare Collaboration May be Proof That Medicine Isn't Doomed

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Tue, Dec 08, 2015 @ 07:30 AM


Some specialists say that the evolution of medicine is more sophisticated procedures.

Some say that the evolution of medicine is cutting costs and decreasing errors.

And for many years, medicine has evolved in a pretty consistent direction -- it has gotten:

  • More efficient
  • More specialized
  • More siloed
  • More interventionist.
  • More checklisted.
  • More sophisticated (but not necessarily thoughtful or effective) in terms of data and technology.

Medicine has been evolving for better and for worse. By and large, though, these changes all point to the recent evolution of medicine to be more industrialized. Just as in early factory systems, all of the innovations came from making things more streamlined, more efficient, and more more fail-safe, the changes in medicine recently have done the same.

The industrial changes in medicine lag several years behind business. And so to predict the next evolutionary stage in medicine, we need look no further than business to see what's next for us.

Overall, we're seeing business evolve in these ways, and there is early evidence that medicine is doing the same:

  • More responsive to people's end-to-end experience
  • More holistic and integrated
  • Systems-oriented
  • More collaborative
  • Thoughtful integration of technology
  • Better valuing of every person on the team, not just the most highly paid.

There is a consistent movement right now across medicine that says: we must look at the whole system and the whole patient or we are taking one step forward and two steps backward all the time.

For instance, these doctors are using systems thinking to understand how different systems in the body (the microbiome, the endocrine system, etc.) interact with each other to strive for health, not just the absence of disease. Similarly, there is a movement that is looking not just in how we treat individual patients, but in how we practice medicine as a whole. It's about healthcare collaboration, not expert interventions. It's about great teams, not perfect doctors. It's about conversations. It's about technology that fits into our pockets, our workflow, and our lives.

For instance, at ClickCare, we look not just at the  interaction between a doctor and a patient but rather at the effective interactions of the whole medical team -- including the patient. And it's why we've never thought expensive videoconferencing hardware is right for healthcare collaboration using telemedicine -- we want to look at the whole picture and find the simplest solution to make it all work. 

Healthcare collaboration is about going from specialists to teams. It's about going from a single intervention to a series of connected actions on behalf of the patient. And it's about technology that makes being human easier -- not harder. It may just be part of the evolution of medicine. Give thanks that we have the ability to be connected.


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