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Some people predict the future, some create the future, and some fear the future.

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Thu, Mar 17, 2011 @ 12:05 PM

We meet all kinds of people as we spread the word about how collaboration can help your patients.

Here is a recent post, and notable quote:
“The iPad could change things. If you think in terms of, ‘Is that a form factor that works better so a visiting nurse can go out to a patient’s home, and say, ‘Gee, this wound doesn’t look so good. Let me pop a picture and send it to the surgeon, who can then access it on his iPad or anything else,’ I think that’s possible.”
Thomas J. Handler M.D., a research director in Gartner’s Healthcare Provider analyst group, tells the News Alert. 1

A safe prediction I would say: iClickCare is already on the iPhone and compatible with iPad. As soon as we have time to stand in a long line, we will be putting the iPad 2 through its paces and see how the camera works. We are pretty sure that it does, but after all, we were talking about the future weren’t we?

That is so then, and we are so now.

And finally, this response from a rather large organization that runs nursing homes:
“Photographs are prohibited at our facilities” 2

What things can you share that you are doing and seem like the future?

1. Telemedicine and eHealth Newsletter, March 11, 2011,Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

2. Anonymous, we would not want to embarrass them in front of our extensive readership.

3. Full disclosure: a different Gartner analyst has interviewed us.

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