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New York State Recognizes ClickCare -- and Telemedicine

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Tue, Aug 05, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

New York Award to ClickCare

As a company passionate about making healthcare work better for patients and medical providers, we don't often talk about the "behind the scenes" of ClickCare itself.

This past week, however, we paused to reflect on how the success of our mission and the success of our company are deeply linked. We were fortunate enough to be chosen from hundreds of potential companies to be part of a business accelerator hosted at Binghamton University. Start-Up New York chooses businesses, particularly those developing key technologies that are ripe for expansion and that will develop jobs for New Yorkers. It's a coveted award, because it gives companies the depth of support and experience that they need. 

In being selected as one of these companies with the most potential to expand -- affecting our community and the lives of local folks in the process -- we realized that the award shows just as much about healthcare as it does about ClickCare. ClickCare is poised for expansion because of the medical need for accountable care, the huge demand for coordinated healthcare delivery, and the gap that exists in HIPAA secure communications. ClickCare's way of making telemedicine accessible is part of this bigger movement.

So as we move in to our new offices, we're conscious that this award puts a spotlight on not just us, but on everyone working to change healthcare. May we all take a little encouragement from the recognition that the state of New York gives to the importance of this work.

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