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3 Simple Ways to Stay HIPAA Compliant

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Fri, Jan 03, 2014 @ 08:28 AM

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As we transition out of the holidays and into the new year, we start to move faster. Our days are busy, we're preparing for yearlong projects, and patients are packed into the schedule following vacations.

In our practice, we've noticed that as we start to move faster, details suffer. The first detail to go? HIPAA compliance. And despite our prioritization of patient care, HIPAA violations are no minor consideration, as we all have come to know

So as the 2014 kicks into gear, we wanted to share our favorite easy tips for staying HIPAA safe and compliant.

3 simple ways to stay HIPAA compliant:

  • Only use apps that promise HIPAA compliance. Some apps may feel safe, or even say they are "secure", but unless they explicitly promise they are HIPAA-compliant or HIPAA-secure, we'd be wary.
  • Focus on patient communication. Patient communication is one of the places where providers tend to get a little lax with their HIPAA considerations, just because it feels like regular communication. But a few simple practices can keep your patient communication simple, personal -- and HIPAA safe. 
  • Check your email settings. Although email can't be used for medical collaboration, we use it for so many things that HIPAA complications can sneak in. So we created a guide to make sure your settings help you, rather than hinder.  

We've found that small ways of keeping on top of regulatory issues end up keeping us on track even better than more intensive strategies. So keep it simple -- and stay HIPAA safe. 

Telemedicine can bring HIPAA issues, but doesn't have to. Get our guide here:


ClickCare Quick Guide to Telemedicine

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