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HIPAA Final Rule Compliance Deadline: HIPAA and Telemedicine

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Fri, Sep 13, 2013 @ 02:05 PM

An important deadline is coming up. By 9/23/13, healthcare providers need to come into compliance with the final HIPAA rule. Because our iClickCare hybrid store and forward collaboration system was developed with HIPAA in mind, we want to share some time-saving experience with you. This week, we're covering 3 aspects of the deadline. Monday was overall background; Wednesday was about steps to get in compliance; Today we're discussing HIPAA and telemedicine.

As we wrap up our week of posts addressing the final HIPAA rule deadline, we wanted help you understand how telemedicine fits in with the world of HIPAA.

So, a roundup of our most popoular posts on telemedicine and HIPAA: 

Now, what: 
We've created a tool that reduces the 492 official HIPAA compliance questions to only 32, while still meeting the HIPAA standards. You will eventually need more work in this area, but this is a start. Of course, be aware that we are not lawyers, you shouldn't take action on information in this post alone, and we do not represent the government.

Click below for a quick-and-easy version of an assessment to help you come into HIPAA compliance. 

Free Tool-Kit

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