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ATA2013: ClickCare's Report from the Floor

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Tue, May 07, 2013 @ 06:35 PM


American Telemedicine Association Meetings are always big and exciting!

ATA2013 is no different. We will be updatingATA2013 follow ClickCare our experiences and impressions every couple of hours and try to share some of what we are learning. These comments will be both as professionals actively practicing in the field, and as founders of an exhibiting company. As we prepared for the meeting, we realize, that while we a part of a much bigger answer to a big question: How do we provide access for patients, collaboration and support for providers, and education for now and in the future? We will be listening for other answers.

Day 1:
You will find iClickCare among the 300+ exhibitors, 500 sessions and 6000 attendees, but we are still the only service that offers full medical collaboration, hybid store and forward, and a way to manage both workflow, network and coverage management. Among the courses was one on modeling telemedicine and how appropriate planning and use of appropriate personnel can create not only cost savings, but revenue as well (Leistner and Ben-Arieh). Later, the opening plenary highlighted efforts made by institutions who touted their success.

Day 2:
The AM plenary was highlighted by the CEO of Oracle who clearly described how technology is available now. On the exhibit floor, we had MANY interesting conversations with people who were asking for hybrid store and forward technology and were trying so hard to understand how to it works and how they could use it to make patients lives better.

There was heavy metal, glass, and CPU technology, and also a lot of videoconferencing. Some, frankly, seemed to have forgotten the patient.

Day 3:
The highlight of learning was a superbly presented, inspirational, and clearly thought out talk

Dr Reed Tuckson shares goals of ClickCareby Dr. Reed Tuckson. He remembered the patient and encourages us to bring value to the system. With 17 years of a coincident philosophy, we felt equally inspired as when Woz shouted out iClickCare last year (well, almost, that was hard to beat).

We look forward to participating as the shift toward value occurs in the next year. We will continue to leading and believing. Our colleagues in telemedicine are always inspiring.


Introducing iClickCare

We are grateful for the many friends and customers, old and new, with whom we shared and collaborated.

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