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An Invitation: See Hybrid Store and Forward Telemedicine

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Tue, Apr 30, 2013 @ 07:42 PM


ATA 2013 in Austin May 5-7

Remember last year, The Woz said... he’d move to Alaska for the collaborative care that iClickCare enables, but May 5-7 we’re at Booth 847 in Austin for YOU. He loved having access and collaboration, secure on the iPhone and web browser. This year, we have even more for you!ATA2013

BOOK AN APPOINTMENT to see how you can save with ClickCare and improve the patient care and satisfaction (and yours)!

Register today for your free Expo Only pass at ATA 2013.

Stop by Booth 847, meet our leadership team and be the first to enjoy a brief demo of iClickCare for the new iPad and iPad mini subscription software. We're looking forward to putting a face to your name and joining with you to improve healthcare, one person at a time.


And Celebrate with us, iClickCare NEW on the iPad and iPad Mini!iPad_Pix

As healthcare providers, now when we look at a toddler’s rash on iClickCare, we see details we’ve never even seen in real life! The Retina display creates a crystal clear presentation –– and on screen, we don’t have to deal with the blurs of a moving child! Plus, our eyes are grateful for the larger display, and our fingers are finding typing a little easier on the iPad and Mini.

Furthermore, the patient/family member can join or view the collaboration if given the privilege of Invite Patient, now even from these mobile devices. And the mobile healthcare provider can make use of the Compare Visits button to evaluate patient progress (or not) over time. Our team wants to ensure that you have the most powerful, patent pending, Hybrid Store-and-Forward capability in the world. Together we will improve healthcare one person at a time!

Current pricing for this Version 2.0 will apply through May 20, 2013 if either a renewal or new subscription is confirmed. As an iClickCare customer, all you do is upgrade from the iTunes AppStore and contact your sales rep before May 20. New user subscription pricing is posted on, but, as a new customer you will receive a 2 week free trial to start. We want everyone to continue to see how incredible iClickCare can be with the ease and clarity of the new iPads and the iPad minis.

Learn one, you know them all -- any browser on any platform, also on the iPhone, the iPad, or the Mini... all as Version 2.0. You will also discover that the Search is faster, and the presentation of images is better than ever. And our Online Help is ready to serve YOU, as always.    

We look forward to seeing you at Booth 847 at the Austin ATA!
The ClickCare Team

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