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Better Medical Collaboration: A Party for iClickCare on the iPad

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Mon, Apr 22, 2013 @ 09:49 AM

iClickCare is a hybrid Store-and-Forward of text messages, video, PDFs and still images. 

iClickCare on iPad

It is also a hybrid of platforms because as providers we are not always mobile nor sedentary. We need the right tool for the right job at the right time. Indeed, that is what medical collaboration and telemedicine is all about anyway — the right provider, at the right time and at the right place — for the patient.

We have had the web-based browser of iClickCare for years. Eighteen months ago, we added the mobility of the iPhone. As physicians, we also found a need for an in-between size and thus we started work on the iPad. The iPad mini came along as we developed our solution. So now we have an in between with an in-between. And as the image shows, we are putting our party hat on as well!

Fortunately, you don't have to learn something new. The same relationship you have with iClickCare on the web applies directly to the iPad, iPad/mini and the iPhone.

Meaningful Use and Meaningful Records:
We have added features to the iPhone as well, and now you can use Invite Patient to give true meaningful use to your care as you collaborate with your colleagues. The patient is, if you choose, part of the process.

Also added is the Compare Visits function. There is nothing quite so satisfying as seeing improvement over time, and nothing quite so educational as following decline over time. Visits can now be compared on both the iPhone/iPod and the iPad and mini, as well as the browser.

Security and Speed:
There are many, many improvements and tweaks to security and speed. Even though information about your patient is delivered to you faster, the security is solid. Our security systems surpassed stringent HIPAA requirements before, but, they are even more robust now. We would remind you to use strong passwords. Passwords can be changed by you as often as, and whenever, you wish from the top of the login page. 

Searches and the “serving up” of images, video and PDFs are faster because our developers really understand the tasks and demands on providers, and know how to make things work in very sophisticated ways.

Current pricing for version 2.0 will apply through May 20, 2013 if either a renewal or new subscription is confirmed. As an iClickCare customer, all you do is upgrade from the iTunes AppStore and contact your sales rep before May 20. New user subscription pricing is posted on, but, as a new customer you will receive a 2 week free trial to start. We want everyone to continue to see how incredible iClickCare can be with the ease and clarity of the new iPads and the iPad minis.

Learn one, you know them all... any browser, the iPhone, the iPad, or the Mini... all as Version 2.0 on the iPhone. You will also discover that the Search is faster, and the presentation of images is better than ever. And our Online Help is ready to serve YOU, as always.

You can use iClickCare on your browser, your iPhone and now your iPad all with one click.

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