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Medical Collaboration: Is The Government Going There?

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Sat, Mar 09, 2013 @ 10:21 AM

At least someone is thinking bigger. Making a big pile of data without doing anythng with it is about the same as a big pile of data building up outside a barn. We applaud Judy Murphy, RN, deputy national coordinator for programs and policy at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), for recognizing the importance of putting health care data to real use. During her recent speech in New Orleans, Murphy emphasized the significance of providers not only having the ability to send and receive data, but also, to deeply utilize the data. She suggested that data should be shared, analyzed, and used by both patients and providers towards better decision-making. 

Data needs medical collaborationSpecifically, she offered an example of allowing patients access to electronic immunization registries through patient portals. Also, she addressed the issue of interoperability, noting the complexity involved in creating seamless healthcare IT systems.

Murphy spoke about the ONC’s focus on Meaningful Use, encouraging patients to access their own data, and emphasizing data sharing. The ONC plans to concentrate on projects such as online patient-education videos, making additional training sessions available on ONC’s website, and ONC challenges like the Blue Button Mash Up.

Our goals are also to employ, analyze and share health care data centered on improving patient care and outcomes. Furthermore, we want to expand the scope of data sharing broadly to include clear communication among all types of providers. Valuable partnerships and quality patient care can be obtained through medical collaboration, by fully utilizing today’s advances in data gathering and communication tools. What is still needed is encouragement for stressed and busy people to do so.

The volumes of health care data now available can enhance the quality of medical collaboration by increasing both the speed and accuracy of communication between care providers. Succinct and beneficial information can be combined from a variety of sources into one transmission, increasing the efficiency and clarity of information, which allows for better care. Providers can be empowered to more easily reach out to others and exchange needed information quickly and simply.

We commend Judy Murphy for her forward thinking approach to health care information technology and her focus on medical collaboration among providers and patients. We strongly support her position and her emphasis on quality patient care. Lastly, we concur with her belief that the use of technology for health care data collection is not in itself the end goal. Instead, putting that data to full use through human analysis, medical collaboration, and patient involvement will result in the best patient centered care.


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