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Should telemedicine solutions be a presidential debate?

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Sun, Aug 05, 2012 @ 04:30 PM

  • Health is one aspect of humanness.
  • Medicine is but one aspect of health.
  • Telemedicine solutions are one aspect of medicine.
  • Medical collaboration is one aspect of telemedicine.  

Telemedicine solutions benefit the patient because the patient gets the right care at the right time in the right way. Medical collaboration makes sure that conflicting approaches are harmonized by adding the right minds to the mix.

Healthcare debate has assumed a fading role in the USA election process. The much anticipatedTelemedicine solutions are important to the political process. US Supreme Court decision, in the end, came to a discussion about money — healthcare defined as a tax.

Nearly every US citizen has access to some sort of communication technology. Around the world, common citizens have gained freedom by using technology that has become stronger than bombs and thugs.

It is time for each of us, to do the same for our health care.  

iClickCare is a tool which allows those who care for patients to collaborate on behalf of their patients for the good of their patients. In return, the providers get immense satisfaction and amelioration of fear. And as they age, they will have educated others to care for them as well. As doctors and nurses become cannon fodder in a war of healthcare, maybe we can keep them happy enough to take care of all of us.

So, my suggestion is, that while debate continues with only 3 months to the election, each of us must push ahead to use technology to empower ourselves. 

We watch the Olympics in real time, we micro-blog news as it is happening, we use calculators in place of fingers, we listen to music from around the world, and we set timers on coffee pots and washing machines. We even use the telephone.

We, each of us, cannot just give up and watch as an election take place. We can make change now, and need to do so.  Each of us makes all of us one.

Collaborate today…


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