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CMS Innovation Grants and ClickCare. Medical Collaboration is Key

Posted by Cheryl Kerr on Mon, Jul 09, 2012 @ 07:31 PM

CMS Innovation Grants
Congratulation to all winners of the CMS Innovation Grant Awards!

Let us help assure funding continuation by making it easier for your project to access care for patients, empower providers to collaborate and educate future providers. A common thread found in the many, many of the awardees, is care coordination and that is the mission of ClickCare as recently described in the NYTimes and in a shout out by Steve Wozniak at the American Telemedicine Association.

CMS says that the following is involved for the continuation of funding:

            Replicable innovation:
The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) may or may not change things, but iClickCare replicates coordinated care.

            Rapid implementation, 6 months or sooner:
ClickCare stands ready, with its agility, compliance and quick implementation. Six months can pass alarmingly quickly, especially when a program is being launched. December 6 is predated by summer, Thanksgiving, and the holiday season. That is not much time to work. We invite you to piggyback on 16 years of experience and software development.

December deadline of CMS Innovation grant start is soon

            Workforce development and deployment:
Their frequent references to using midlevel providers to provide care. This is certainly a topic of our times, but is it innovative?  What about collaborating with those who are really at the bedside, home and workplace?  And doing it in a simple and user friendly manner!

            Efficient and sustainable use of funds:
Implementing iClickCare involves a software subscription on the internet, iPad or phone for a very low price that is further discounted for volume customers

            Reporting and monitoring:
iClickCare can provide both consultation and service to allow each member of your team to not only transfer data, communicate, coordinate, but also collaborate. Everything is archive and pdf reports show usage.

We at ClickCare stand ready to help you meet your goals of improving healthcare in our country!

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