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HIPAA Compliant Medical Collaboration: 5 Strategies

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Sat, Jun 02, 2012 @ 10:13 PM

There must be something about the iPhone and healthcare. ClickCare has had very exciting time recently with our shout out from Steve Wozniak and the review of ClickCare in the NY Times.

We are also proud of our colleagues, Ms. Rebecca Kennis and Dr. Azful ur Rehman, and we want to highlight their presentation of their product iCare at HIMSS12. We are pleased to share the spotlight since we belong to the same tribe. We all work in the same vertically integrated hospital system. hipaa compliant medical collaborationTheir group, and ours, have been nurtured by Mr. Michael Rusnak, Director of Health Information Technologies at United Health Services (UHS). He has had a committed career dedicated to using computer technology to benefit the patient by enabling providers to do their job better.

Rebecca Kennis, CPHIMS and Afzal ur Rehman MD PhD, presented their view of security using smartphones at HIMSS12, Annual Conference and Exposition in February. While we are very aware of their groundbreaking work, the silos that we keep discussing, isolated us from their presentation, and we only found out about it in a more indirect manner. The presentation is entitled, Got Smartphones? Leveraging Physicians Smartphones Usage in HIT.

A well written summary by Don Fluckinger is available from SearchHealthIT. The article is entitled Ten iPad EHR Security Strategies for HIPAA Compliance.

We are happy to highlight (and agree with) five of their important points here.

  1. Store as little data as possible on mobile devices
  2. Make the device require a token as well as an ID and Password.
  3. Log off users after idle. They suggest 5 minutes.
  4. Limit views by users to only those that are needed.
  5. Use standard physical security as well as electronic security.

A PDF of their PowerPoint presentation is available here.

As they work to integrate information for providers, we continue to empower those same providers and many others to collaborate on behalf of the patient. Good data and good discussion can only lead to good healthcare outcomes.

Congratulations to Ms. Kennis and Dr. Rehman. They are two good people working hard at doing a good job. We are sure they appreciate Mr. Rusnak and his team as much as we do.


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