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Care coordination that wasn't, or is CYA important?

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Wed, May 30, 2012 @ 07:58 PM

 A missed opportunity for homecare? A prevailing attitude? A broken system?

Which, or all?  Why did medical collaboration not happen?  We have our opinions, but, we want to know yours. We know what we would do differently. What would you do?

A near transcription of a true event this past weekend (names changed)...

Scene:  Saturday, 1:07 pm, Physician hears: "Beep, Beep, Beep"

      Physician reads beeper: "Melissa - Homecare at Home. Plz call ASAP. 555-555-5555. Dr. Pollard's patient. Wound pink."

      Physician calls: This is Dr. Specialist calling back.

      Nurse: Thanks for calling. Dr Pollards's patient had surgery and it looks pink around the wound.

      Physician: Pink?

      Nurse: Yes, pink.

      Physician: When was the surgery?Care coordination takes back seat to reporting for the provider, not the patient

      Nurse: I am not sure, I was not here last week, but I think it was a week or two ago. Maybe 9 days.

      Physician: OK, where is it pink? Is there a temperature?

      Nurse: She didn't tell me the temperature, just said that the wound area was pink.

      Physician: How pink? Is it red? What part of the wound?

      Nurse: I don't know, I am the office nurse. This was called into me by the nurse in the field.

      Physician: Did it change? Is it worse? Is the nurse availaible? I can see the patient in the Emergency Room.

      Nurse: No, she has left for the day, and said she would see the patient in the morning. We just wanted to inform you. FYI.

      Physician: FYI?

      Nurse: Just wanted to inform you.

      Physician: FYI or CYA?

      Nurse: Unfortunately, we all have to do it.

Let us know your thoughts. 

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