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Why Nurses are Uniquely Suited for Medical Collaboration.

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Wed, May 09, 2012 @ 09:40 PM

ClickCare knows that the need to collaborate is more important than ever. Electronic Medical Records, Med Reconciliation Lists, and standard orders don’t hack it.

Medical collaboration, nurse management, coordinated care, care coordination and many more terms have been word smithed when just the words “good nurse” would do fine. 

It is the nurse who is on the floor and intimately sees changes in condition. It is the nurse who discusses with one specialist after another the many ideas of a particular patient’s care. It is the nurse who makes the many ideas understandable to that patient. It is the nurse who juggles meds with tests and therapy visits. It is the nurse who talks to the family and plans for home care. Sometimes, it is the nurse who finds the patient failing or dead. Finally, it is the nurse who smiles, pats, reassures and advocates. It is the nurse who is caring for the patient.

It is the ICU nurse who waits in the doctors' parking lot to accost the specialist who was too busy to call back!

Nurses are the key to medical collaborationImagine how much easier your day as a nurse would be if you could supplement your documentation with clear and easy-to-use communication. Imagine less time spent hanging on the phone while grouchy office staff (could it be an overworked nurse?) “gets the doctor out of the room.” Imagine how much happier you would be to be able to show your colleague that you did your best irrespective of how things look the next morning.

We congratulate our nurses that we work with everyday, and those around our country. We are impressed with the care they manage to give to their patients despite heavy demands on documentation.

We are also following carefully how they are running a pilot on how to best use iClickCare to collaborate with each other from shift to shift and day to day.

IV sites, wounds, loss of skin integrity, cellulitis and edema can all be documented and shared without ambiguity.

Having spent a summer between medical school years working as a substitute pseudo-nurse during the last nursing shortage, I know well the feeling of the attending physician telling me that it could not have happened and could not have looked that way! Incredulously, the fact that I was there at the bedside the entire shift or more, seemed to have no importance.

Oh, how I wish I had been able to use iClicCare then.

That being said, ClickCare respects your role in healthcare and is working hard to empower you to do what you do best — care for the patient in so many ways.


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