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Steve Wozniak Promotes iClickCare as Example of mHealth, Telemedicine

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Sat, May 05, 2012 @ 03:54 PM

To quote Brandon Glenn in MedCityNews:

“And at least credit Woz with giving a special shout-out to one lucky telemedicine company: ClickCare, a New York company that’s developed an app that lets physicians collaborate on care with pictures and video on iPhones and iPads.” 
Steve Wozniak is an engineer who designs circuits to work in the most efficient and inexpensive manner. As Laura Montini quotes in Health 2.0, he said: “I got better and better at making things smaller and smaller and smaller...The number of chips it took for a design had to be the minimum. And it turns out that led me to some good life philosophies about trying to make everything the fewest steps possible.” Mr. Wozniak is beyond legendary and his contribution to mankind is so large, it even goes beyond those of others such as the Wright Brothers and Thomas Edison. 

We did not get a opportunity to ask him, but we wonder if, after hearing about iClickCare, those values are why he singled out ClickCare and iClickCare as the lone identified company in the ATA 2012 Keynote Speech. We freely admit to following the same principles as we design, improve and sell iClickCare and future products. We are committed to having a ubiquitously available, cost effective, simple, secure and spectacular service to allow providers to collaborate over the internet.

We did, however, get to see how personable, generous, and caring he is. We are honored. We are proud. We are humbled. We are also challenged to further grow into his standards and will continue to keep his principles of engineering in mind as we keep the timeless principles of medicine — access for the patient, collaboration for the provider, and education for the student — at the fore.

We recommend his book iWoz, available (as is our book iPhone Medical Photography) at these retailers:

Apple ITunes Store:


Barnes and Noble:


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