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Medical Collaboration and ClickCare in the News

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Sun, Apr 15, 2012 @ 05:20 PM

Innovation in telemedicine, collaboration and coordinated care is finally getting its due.

All of us at ClickCare are excited to have Eilene Zimmerman of the New York Times identify us as innovative and disruptive. We appreciate the great and careful effort that this journalist made to get the story right with her constraints of space.

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We have known for many years how we can best help our patients. We also know, while technology is at play here, good medical principles never change. The greatest of these is: The Patient is First.

The article in The New York Times was widely reviewed and tweeted. The well-respected online newsletter written by editor Sara Jackson of succinctly summarizes and reviews this again.

Over a month ago, Daniel Casciato in  Medical Office Today selected iClickCare as one of 8 Popular Apps for Medical Practices.

Because ClickCare was reviewed as business news, the measurement focused on making money. That is important to ClickCare. One major reason ClickCare was chartered as a separate company was the beseeching of a bright and forward thinking federal leader who felt ClickCare had a chance to become self-supporting and, therefore, not dependent on grants. Grantors become frustrated because invariably after the grant runs out, the massively expensive equipment is relegated to a pile in the back closet.

iClickCare by design is inexpensive, simple, and independent of complex equipment needs. This approach alone is innovative. It also is disruptive since it goes against current profit-oriented teleconferencing approaches. The disruption, however, is firmly grounded in good principles of caring for patients. So, there is much more to measure than financial success.

We care strongly about social impact. Thus we also measure and focus on the number of patients who have been helped, the number of physicians who go home and come back to work less stressed, happier, more satisfied and enthusiastic, and the number of learners who have seen what they would have otherwise missed.

Caring about social impact can sometimes be too big to deal with. When you use iClickCare, irrespective of your role in the health care hierarchy, you will notice the immense satisfaction of helping a single patient, time and again. That help comes in different forms — access to care that would not have been available, faster and easier diagnoses, less pain with wound care, and “Great Case Cures.”

As the healthcare debate intensifies, and ACO, accountable care, coordination of care, and the medical home, all come more and more to the fore, it will be more important than ever to count things other than dollars saved.

Join us in counting providers (from bedside aide and family to super-specialist) who are relieved of fear and isolation. And in counting how many patients are helped, by how much, with less missed time from work and less delay in diagnosis. These numbers stand in stark contrast to the cost per covered lives per day, and the like, but they are the important measures because after Patients First, come Providers — both current and future.

We are growing as a profitable company. We are doing so by measuring success as well as savings. It is a business adage that if one provides a service to one's fellow man, it will be rewarded. 

We are working very hard to provide that service. We will continue to count in many different ways.

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