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iPhone Security, iClickCare and HIPAA

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Sun, Mar 04, 2012 @ 01:35 PM

The New York Times reported this week that some iPhone apps were collecting users' address books and later, photos from users' camera rolls. Later, the same security risk was described in Android phones.

This risk does not apply to iClickCare. While the camera roll looks the same and works the same, it is placed within iClickCare itself, and thus is not accessible.

First layer of HIPAA security on iPhone

                                                               HIPAA security with login

When using iClickCare we recommend that you use the general device password. Of course, to use iClickCare a second layer of protection is provided since admission to the app is only by user name and password. iClickCare’s browser interface also needs the same login information. Parenthetically, users and usage are monitored by the secure server.


While any device can be hacked, it would take evil intent, and considerable skill, to breach iClickCare. We encourage use of the iPhone rather than a routine digital camera (which works with your desktop) in this very secure two-password schema, in that their is not a digital storage card which can be removed. Loss of the iPhone can also corrected by tracing and wiping the iPhone remotely. Of course, because iClickCare is software as a service, in the cloud, and instantly synced, your pictures and comments are not lost to you. They are unaccessible, however, to the iPhone thief if your lost phone was actually stolen.

More detail is available here:  The iPhone Camera Roll is described in greater detail in our book Medical iPhone Photography.

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