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Cloud Computing in Healthcare: Advantages for Telemedicine

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Tue, Jan 17, 2012 @ 10:27 PM

Collaborative care and case management can be assisted by telemedicine. 

Cloud Computing

 Anyone beginning a telehealth or telemedicine program should consider:

  • What hardware and software to buy.
  • Who is going to collaborate with whom.
  • Will it be a hub and spoke system or a network system.

A report by KLAS describes the dynamic changes that have brought better choices for healthcare providers. It describes the hosting relationships of the hosting providers and the relationships of  serveral legacy systems. It all reads like a complicated Russian novel.

Thankfully, the study is reviewed and nicely clarified by Ken Terry, and editor at Fierce Markets. Ken cogently headlines his report "Cloud computing in healthcare: the question is not if, but when".  

He notes that Meaningful Use is a motivator to change. There is less expense and with deadlines looming, shorter implementation times.

Concerns about security and reliability are counter currents to this change.

We at ClickCare feel that this is beyond discussion. Cloud computing is here to stay. In fact, we have had a cloud based system (know as SaaS or Software as a Service) for years now.

Despite this, early in our telemedicine career, the leading vendor at the time, and our vendor as well, refused to consider what we had asked for then--a Web-based system.

The advantages are clear and simple:

  • No installation.
  • Hosting in secure, controlled facilities, larger than any single institution can afford.
  • Automatic, unattended backup.
  • Markedly decreased costs: overhead is shared, while privacy is maintained.
  • Updates instant, invisible, and independent.
  • Collaboration enhanced because technologic barriers are broken down. A single practitioner at any distance has the same ability to participate as a major institution.

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Because of the Cloud or Software as a Service, you can quickly collaboratel
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