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Reasons Not to Do Medical Collaboration: Second of a Series

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Thu, Jan 12, 2012 @ 12:59 PM

Collaboration barriers can be overcome

"I don’t get paid," says the specialist consultant.

Yes admittedly, the regulations are not as generous and not so clear about reimbursement for the specialist or consultant. But, there is still a telemedicine ROI to be had.

First, there are a series of CPT codes that apply.

Out-patient services

  • 96150 initial assessment
  • 96151 reassessment

In-patient initial services

  • G9435 problem focused
  • G0526 detailed, 50 minutes
  • G0427 comprehensive

In-patient followup services

  • G0406 for 15 minutes
  • G0407 for 25 minutes
  • G0408 for 35 minutes

ALL require telehealth modifier

  • GT for videoconferencing
  • GQ for store and forward

Further, reimbursement may be available when the originating site is rural, a skilled nursing facility, or a dialysis center.

But, there are many other financial and professional benefits to participating in a telemedicine or telehealth network.

You are saved the embarrassment of having the patient sit and front of you and you can do nothing because they came to the wrong type of doctor, you.  Should you charge?  After all, you spent 15 minutes finding out that the patient's problems and expectations were different than advertised.

You make your practice more efficient. You can schedule your time better. You can spend more time doing speciality care and less time with primary care.

You get to spend more, not less, time with the patient.  The consultations are presented with the richness of picture, cogent history and curated labs. The referring provider has provided these for you. Compare this to being chosen as one in three names scribbled on a prescription plan. No longer will your opening question “What brings you here?” be answered with “I don’t know, the other doctor sent me.”

Less telephone tag. How many times have you wanted to simply discuss a plan of action, permission to proceed or clarify a point, and become overwhelmed by the moat of telephone tag reinforced by protective staff members. 

 Download our 10 stepsto simply collabora

Share your pride in your results. Sometimes you just do a good job and would enjoy the satisfaction of sharing it. Beyond personal marketing, this feeling is about collegiality.  

iClickCare has a reimbursement page that you may wish to review. It shows the previous version of the software. The new iClickCare, reviewed nicely here, makes all this even easier.

You must have other reasons not to collaborate, comment and tell us below.

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