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In Chapter 8, a Unique Way to Collaborate with Photographs

Posted by Cheryl Kerr on Thu, Dec 08, 2011 @ 10:29 PM

  • More than clinical photography? Can you photograph the xray viewer?
  • Can you send ECG's or gastroscopy findings?
  • What are some traps that need judgement?

We continue to be excited sharing decades of experience in use of photographs for better collaboration. In this chapter, you wil feel even more comfortable in documentation both descriptively and visually. Medical students, therapists, aides, all can send each other those unique pictures which will enhance care coordination and make healthcare immensely better.

ECG can be photographed and sent for care coordination

For the past couple of months, our readers have seen how to enhance quality from that small camera "in your pocket." Together we are amazed at the results of imagination coupled with these simple techniques. We also marvel how simple and "good enough" combine with good judgement and good intent to greatly benefit the patient, but also give satisfaction and peacefulness to the provider.

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This is the next to last chapter in Medical iPhone Photography until the book is both an iBook for the iPad or iPhone or a PDF for everything else. Then the book will become available in printed form for holiday giving to your favorite healthcare provider.

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