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Movies and Medical iPhone Photography

Posted by Cheryl Kerr on Fri, Dec 02, 2011 @ 06:23 AM

  • Need for motion
  • Limitations, are there any?
  • Orientation, always land with the head up!
  • Lighting helps

The previous chapters reminded us to: Take the picture. Hold the camera still. And archive the picture for easy retrieval! But what if the subject to moving?

Consider trying to analyze and describe a gait. A limp, unsteadiness, foot drop, hemiplegia, and tremor are all hard to describe...without a secure 15 second video! See the videos in our interactive PDF (on your desktop) or in the live EPUB (on your iPhone or iPad). Be in on the action.

video your patient's problem

Throughout the course of these 9 serial lessons we will show you how to maximize the remarkable capabilities of the iPhone, understand the principles of medical and clincal photography, and feel comfortable with documentation both descriptively and visually.

There is quite a history, but the value of good consistent clinical photographs is without change.

At this point in time, the quality from that small camera "in your pocket" is amazing because the picture is taken instead of missed. When coupled with the techniques in these chapters, the communication is only improved.

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Medical iPhone Photography will be released one chapter a week until mid both an iBook for the iPad or iPhone or a PDF for everything else. Then the book will become available in printed form for holiday giving to your favorite healthcare provider.

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