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Med Photography Ch5: Focus and Lighting for Communication

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Thu, Nov 17, 2011 @ 06:01 AM

In Chapter 5, the control of focus and of lighting is discussed. 

Downlooad to learn how to use the iPhone for good and for evil.

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In this blog post, 

  • How to make an aged face look younger.
  • How to erase wrinkles without creams, surgery, or exercise.
  • How to hide ugly scars.

Images and Words create better communication together than each alone.

Collaboration is all about communicaton. Communication needs to be honest and collaboration requires the respect of each collaborator for one another.

Photography is all about light and how it is collected, used and interpreted.

It is the manipulation of light which like any tool can be used for good (consistency) and evil (misrepresentation).

Communication? Kilmer Swamp Root, Credit Joe MabelSearch for before and after photos after you download Chapter 5. Observe the before and after photographs and see where flash is used to over expose skin and fill dark areas. You can copy this, and  “erase”  wrinkles. Small changes in focus can also “soften the skin” and thus make skin treatments look better than they are.

DId you know that when HD TV was introduced a few years ago, it created quite a problem for the on-air personalities. Out-of-focus blemishes on the talent had no place to hide.

Want to make scars “disappear” in the same way as wrinkles?  Defocus the camera by choosing Macro and then moving out of its range. Or use the focus square to focus on something just a little off the target plane. The subject becomes blurred against a sharp background. Finally, want to get that “turkey gobbler” neck to go away? Easy, extend the neck forward, move the jaw forward, lift the chin, you can have a pretty good result.


We don’t condone these techniques, but you should be aware of them. As you collaborate with your trusted network, you can judge for yourself and decide who to trust. Figures lie, Liars figure.  Medical photographers can do both.

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