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Nurse Practitioner's Week: Models of Medical Collaboration

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Mon, Nov 14, 2011 @ 05:42 AM

This week is Nurse Practitioner’s Week!

  • Nurse practitioners number more than 148,000.
  • Collaboration is central to their mission.
  • ClickCare was born because of a nurse practitioner.

Congratulations to the more than 148,000 nurse practitioners who work in hospitals, schools and offices.  As they do their day to day tasks, they are contributing a solution to the health care shortage.

Collaboration with nurse practitionersNurse practitioners have always been models for medical collaboration.  Each nurse practitioner has made a special effort to learn more, get extra schooling, and pass more tests. We of course salute these efforts.

Even more so, we salute their commitment to collaboration with their patients, with their co-workers, and with their collaborating physicians.

Did you know that ClickCare was especially born and designed from such collaboration?  A nurse practitioner, one of the first in the area, in 1995, was placed in a school-based health clinic. She recognized that she had a challenge ahead of her. Understanding the goals of the school-based clinic, she wanted to keep the children in school even if a medical problem came up. Understanding that telephone conversations are empty and hollow, and telephone tag, tortuous and inefficient, she asked: “If only I could send the doctor a picture?”

It was hard; it was slow; it was expensive; it was also so very exciting! And it was the first school-based telemedicine program in the United States.  1995 has lead to nearly 2012.  The school-based program continues, but now, it is no longer slow; it is no longer hard; it is no longer expensive; but it is every bit as exciting and even more!

We look forward to continuing to help nurse practitioners as our medical system changes and as we provide a unique collaboration and communication tool which allows them to serve better.

And in the spirit of “If only I could send the doctor a picture”  download our growing book on using the iPhone for medical and clinical photography.

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  You can learn more about nurse practitioners here.

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