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Independently, a contest shows a collaboration solution

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Tue, Nov 08, 2011 @ 11:12 PM

The Contest:  How I will fix healthcare delivery?

 And the winner is...

 But first some comments.

  • about the contest
  • why discussions about healthcare are vital to us all
  • why medical collaboration is necessary


The contest as a whole documents the frustration, malaise, and institutionalization of medical care. Ironically, health is one of the most personal relationship.

The Contest:

We thank you all for your entries. The word map shows quite nicely the range of answers.  Frankly, we were a bit disappointed by the contest. In part, this was caused by our inexperience since this was our first Facebook contest. We had no idea that there was a community of professional contesters with multiple names, lists of operatives who help each other win, and a certain amount of vitriol.

Naively, we had hoped to stimulate a grassroots discussion among all of us. In a busy world, and with a complex subject, there were no newly creative answers. The question was answered largely with an approach oriented toward the  “them” -- insurance, government, doctors and drug companies -- and not us.  This was countered by preventive care.

The sum of the comments showed the problem to be expense and the solution to bypass insurance companies, and have everyone save money in very basic ways. Suggestions included turning off lights and closing rooms, and contributing to a national fund which would be nonprofit. A plan suggested $5 to $10 per person per week or $260 to $520 per year. Currently about $7500 is spent per person. Prevention and taxing of risky behavior, as well as government run, universal healthcare another. The disappointment is that, despite the question "What will I do," the answers were expected to be supplied by someone other than an individual.

As you review the world map, consider other alternatives.ContestWordCloud redsize


Importance of collaboration:

Each of us needs to use our expertise and our view of fairness to others to reach a solution that benefits us all. Discussion is needed, not devoid of self interest, but respectful of all ideas. Discussion is the life blood of collaboration.

Medical Collaboration is necessary:

Our own view, not expressed except but by one contestant, is that collaboration is not the end of our healthcare problems, but rather an important piece of a very high tech, high demand field where no one of us is as smart as all of us. Telehealth and telemedicine are part of this!

Thanks for participating, all.  Please continue to do so with your comments.

And the winner is: Amada Acevedo, of Texas. Congratulations Amada. This is her entry:

If one person were to save $5-10 a month and put it towards our healthcare system, then we could be able to provide for our less fortunate and also to put more efforts and monetary help towards PREVENTION, then the healthcare crisis would change drastically. Most of the lower income people do not have access to health care, and therefore only go to the Emergency Room when illnesses and injuries have gotten past the point of being cured or treated. If one person could sacrifice that small amount of money, then many others will follow the good example!

We disagree with your math, but endorse prevention and leading by example.  We look forward to learning more about you and your passion for fixing healthcare.


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