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Medical Education Depends on Collaboration

Posted by Cheryl Kerr on Mon, Oct 31, 2011 @ 05:00 AM

  • Note of an erudite presentation facilitated by telemedicine
  • How access and collaboration lead to education at the highest level

Jagmohan S. Sidhu, MD is presenting a fascinating case of Cutaneous B cell lymphoma and has included Dr. Ronald Harris, oncologist, and ClickCare founder Dr. Lawrence Kerr as co-authors. The intricacies of the disease and management are likely beyond the interest of our readers, but the implicataions of the process are very interesting.

This presentation is on Friday, October 28, 2011 at the Society of Hematopathology and European Association of Haematopathology combined meeting in Los Angeles California.  FinalProgram 

Photomicrograph can be shared via telemedicneThe patient is elderly. Access to specialized is needed. Care coordination is important. The patient needs to be seen but not sent all around. So, three or four years ago, telemedicine collaboration allowed better diagnosis and to be followed by coordinated management. Moreover, because a store and forward technology was used, the case (no individual is no longer a patient, fortunately) is available for sharing again, this time with scientists who give a week of their time, meet and share in order to education themselves and improve care for all of us.

Special people who care for patients with store and forward telemedicine make a better future for all of us.



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