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Are Families Part of Healthcare Collaboration?

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Thu, Feb 18, 2016 @ 07:00 AM


For many people who are caring for a family member, it can feel like it's impossible to do it all yourself -- and yet it also seems that there is no one who can actually help.

We've all been there, and we'll all probably be there again.

So a recent report in Reuters by Lisa Rapaport, caught our eye in terms of spotlighting one solution. The piece reviews an article in the Annals of Internal Medicine and looks at the stresses, isolation, and negative tool that many caregivers face when tending to a family member or loved one.

“Unlike personal care or emotional support, which requires hands-on care, these are tasks where other family members, close friends, or professionals like pharmacists or social workers can help,” Carol Levine, of the United Hospital Fund of New York, said. “If you get help with at least some of the hardest parts, the others can get your full attention.” To minimize strain, caregivers should look for support that might be provided by others, such as medication management and care coordination, Rappaport quotes Levine as summarizing.

And for us, our "Invite Patient" button is the way for caregivers to get that help. Rather than caregivers becoming increasingly isolated, and cut off from the collaboration and care coordination within hospital walls, caregivers can be part of the healthcare collaboration happening for their loved one.

When most EMRs and EHRs hear "meaningful use", they react to it by creating patient portals or other tacked-on solutions. Our “Invite Only” button satisfies patient engagement rules, yes, but it was not created for that. It was created to support real engagement, improve efficiency, decrease isolation, and improve outcomes. Like everything in iClickCare, it is for providers and patients.

Good care results in good outcomes. Good outcomes meet and surpass regulation.

Hybrid store-and-forward telemedicine is a key way that patients and providers can communicate and coordiante care. Get our free guide to this form of telemedicine here:

ClickCare Quick Guide to Hybrid Store-and-Forward

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