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No Doubt About It: If You’re a Healthcare Provider, You’re a Hero

Bold Military Initiative Shows Medical Collaboration is Key to Value-Based Care

5 Fascinating Trends in Telehealth That Will Affect You Sooner or Later

The Doctor’s Office of The Future Exists, and It’s In Washington DC

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Doing Embarrassing Manual Workarounds Instead of Using Tech? You’re Not Alone

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That Rude Doctor? He May Be Hurting His Patients, Too

5 Big Insights from a (Yes, Really) Tele-ICU Program

When It Comes to Gun Violence, Doctors Need Collaboration to Save Lives

Cutting Edge Prenatal Programs Demand Telemedicine & Care Coordination

Your Afternoon Patients Get Worse Care: Here's How to Fix It.

Why We Need “More Than Medicine” to Keep Patients Alive

The Unstoppable Trend in Medicine That’s Here to Stay

Disturbing but True Facts About Technology and Doctors

Why Developing Countries Beat the US in Medical Technology

Do Hospitals Hide Data that Could Help with Care Coordination?

Care Coordination Failures Cause Long Term Care Transfer Issues

Medical Collaboration a Crucial Way to Prevent Malpractice Suits Involving Kids

Vaccines and Autism Fears Demonstrate Demands on Telemedicine

Dramatic Videoconferencing Screw-Up Brings Up Telemedicine Questions

Healthcare Travel and Wait Times Are Bad - But is That Our Problem?

Why $5 of Supplies Can Prevent Thousands of Deaths

Why Robots May Not Steal Your Job as a Medical Provider

Why Opioid Overdoses Spotlight Care Coordination Failures

The 3 EMR Interoperability Blindspots Your Hospital Has

The Healthcare Collaborators It's a Mistake to Overlook

Why Balls Get Dropped in Discharge to Skilled Nursing Facilities

A Surprisingly Simple Way to Improve Birth Outcomes

Holistic Medical Approaches Can Have Measurable Outcomes

Do Changes in Healthcare Payment Change Attitudes About Collaboration?

3 Simple Ways to Improve Healing in Hospitals (and Length of Stay)

Is the 2019 Outlook for Nonprofit Hospitals as Bleak as it Appears?

Why Training New Healthcare Providers Depends on Healthcare Collaboration

Healthcare Mergers and Consolidations Seem Efficient But May Cost More

Is a Trip to Paris as Effective as More Medical Treatment?

What Factors Influence Telemedicine Adoption Across States?

Why Medical Collaboration Can Help Us Lead With Our Values

Is Gun Violence a Public Health Issue Needing Medical Collaboration?

Are Medical Mistakes Linked to a Lack of Medical Collaboration?

New Medicare Proposed Rule to Expand Telehealth Benefits

What Helps Doctors Understand Patients' Stories?

Health Care Power-Users Point to Collaboration as Key to Care

One Simple Thing that Makes Patients Happier & Drops Healthcare Provider Burnout

Believe It or Not, There is a Human Behind Every Part of the Healthcare System

Medical Collaboration has More Regulatory Flexibility than Direct-to-Patient Telehealth

Is an In-Person Visit Always Preferable to Telehealth Options?

3 Things We Learned About Healthcare Collaboration From a Shocker of a Story

Why Overall Well-Being is as Important as Medical Intervention for Cost Savings

5 Reasons Bundled Payment Programs May Not Be a Silver Bullet

The Best Way to Help Young Patients? Get Them Back to Playing Faster

Medical Education Fails to Prep Doctors to Care for Addiction

Surprising Study Shows Doctor’s Race Crucial in Health Outcomes

Can Your Leadership Style Survive the New Healthcare Reality?

Can Telemedicine Change Rural Medicine’s Challenges?

5 Things John McCain Taught us About Courage and Medicine

Is Medicine Today Shift Work, Team Work, or Solo Work?

The Simple Truth about Collaboration in Medicine

Why Limiting Access to the Medical System May Be a Good Thing

Do Women Doctors Experience Gender Bias or Is It a Thing of The Past?

Why Telemedicine Can Help You Make Better Medical Decisions

Your Medical Team is Changing, Whether You Like It or Not

Hospital Consolidation May Not Improve Data Sharing or Interoperability

Migrant Children Highlight a Care Coordination Problem We All Have

New Pay Structures May Make It Harder to Care for Poor Patients

Long Term Care Staffing Woes Demand Care Coordination

The Opioid Epidemic Can't Be Solved Without Healthcare Collaboration

Big Investments in Telemedicine Have Risks and Rewards

5 (More) Reasons Healthcare Collaboration Helps Medical Providers

Why Telemedicine’s Efficiency is About Humanity, Not Money

Is Medical Training About Rigor… or Bullying?

Can Telemedicine Yield Results of High Intensity Without the High Cost?

Two Studies Show Care Coordination Can Be Simple

Where Healthcare Collaboration, Telemedicine, and Patient Navigation Intersect

Store and Forward Tele-Psychiatry Contributes to Healthcare Collaboration

Healthcare in a Barbershop is Better than Healthcare in a Doctor's Office

The Royal Wedding and Healthcare Collaboration

Why Intensive Programs Can Save Money Long Term

Collaboration and Stories Might Be What Makes Humans Unique

When It Comes to Telemedicine, People Matter More Than Tech

3 Surprising Healthcare Collaboration Insights From a Very Big Airplane

Healthcare Collaboration Is No Replacement for Everyday Heroism

What Is Your Most Precious Resource for Telemedicine?

Healthcare Collaboration May Be World-Changing But It Can Be Very Personal Too

Are Primary Care Doctors Being Replaced By Urgent Care?

How Aboriginal Healers Do Healthcare Collaboration for Complementary Medicine

The Surprising Result of a Study on EMR-Related Medical Errors

Evidence-Based Analysis of Healthcare Costs -- and The Role of Telemedicine

 The Provider Shortage Mistake Your Hospital is Making

Why The Pay Gap for Women Doctors Hurts More Than Women

A Definitive Guide to Healthcare Collaboration

Looking to the Future of Medicine: Machine Learning, Telemedicine, and iClickCare

Why School-Based Health Centers Are the Front Lines for Healthcare Collaboration

What Intergenerational Housing Has to do With Healthcare Collaboration

Interruption is Not Collaboration (But Healthcare Thinks It Is)

Why Excessive Focus on Specialists Hurts Care Coordination

Why Healthcare Collaboration Matters More to the Burnout Crisis than Work Hours

The Biggest Mistake Doctors Make in Texting for Medical Collaboration

One Common Thing Providers Do That Fails Their Patients

5 Healthcare Trends That Will Affect You in 2018

What Do New Long Term Care Models Demand of Medical Collaboration?

As Medicine Changes, Our Collaborators Do, Too

Who is Allowed to be a Healthcare Leader & Do Medical Collaboration?

Can Leadership Benefit Healthcare Collaboration?

Is Your Readmission Reduction Program Causing Deaths?

3 Must-Dos From Nurses Creating Healthcare Innovations. Why We Like Healthcare Collaboration.

How Telemedicine and Medical Collaboration Help Noncompliance

Surprising Research on Whether Medical Collaboration is Natural -- or is Selfishness?

How to Avoid the Depression (and Medical Mistakes) Nurses Are Prone To

3 Things We Learned About Telemedicine from the Hippocratic Oath

Why The Future of Telehealth Is Access for Everyone

Shocking ER Usage in Era of Value-Based Care and Telehealth

Joint Commission Permanently (for now) Cancels Telehealth Standards

JAMA: Sharing (and Medical Collaboration) is the Future of Medicine

When Telehealth Monitoring Takes the Place of Medical Collaboration

Telehealth Brings Providers Closer Together — So How Will You Use It?

Can Healthcare Collaboration Help Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria Recovery?

Bring-Your-Own-Device Policy in Healthcare Is Key to Providers Using Health IT

Why HIPAA Secure Healthcare Collaboration Is So Crucial to Providers' Survival

Why Healthcare May Be Due for an Arts and Crafts Revolution

Hospital Systems Look to Third Parties for EHR Interoperability & Care Coordination

What Your Netflix Recommendations and Telehealth Have in Common

You Don't Need to Follow Those Annoying Password Rules -- And Telehealth Will Benefit

Why The Only Way to Truly Solve Cost Issues is Medical Collaboration

New FDA Regulation Law Brings Changes for Telehealth

A Shocking Solution From Jails That We Can Use in Medicine

Why Medical Collaboration is the Real Hero of Value-Based Care

Is Healthcare Collaboration a Process or an Attitude?

Your Hospital Will Have a HIPAA Data Breach in the Next 24 Months — Here’s Why.

2 Key Concerns for Telehealth in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Why Poor Communication with Skilled Nursing Facilities Can Ruin Patient Care & Facility Reputation

The Key Ingredient in Using Telemedicine in a LTC/SNF Setting

3 Reasons Rewards and Punishments Can Fail to Advance Value Based Care

Population Health aids Coordinated Care Initiatives

Sweet Potatoes Help with Care Coordination

Why Treating The Patient as Part of the Solution Gets Better Results

Your Patient's Roommate May Have a Bigger Impact Than You Do

5 Things Healthcare Should Steal From Hyper-Elite Concierge Medicine

The Outcomes of Older Doctors and Female Doctors May Differ -- But Does It Matter?

3 Key Obstacles to Care Coordination and Why to Surpass Them

The Two Surprising Factors in Health IT Adoption

What Aging In Place and Telemedicine Have In Common

Is Telemedicine Cost Effectiveness Hard to Measure?

Why Better Care Is Sometimes Cheaper Care

Nurse-Led Models of Care Innovating in Healthcare Collaboration

4 Key Takeaways From Leaders on Medical Collaboration & Engagement

A Doctor Removed His Own Appendix and Here's What Happened.

3 Reasons Medical Collaboration Improves Adherence to Medications

Is the Licensure Compact Good or Bad for Care Coordination?

Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Art as a Healthcare Provider

What that Fearless Girl Can Teach Us About Telemedicine

House Calls & Home Care Are Lonely But Medical Collaboration Helps

Can Collaborative Care Reduce the 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.?

Your Hospital's Design Could Kill Your Patients

Medicine: Part Art, Part Science, Part Rebellion and Now Healthcare Collaboration.

Don't Choose the Worse Treatment Just Because It's Complicated

Does Ego Make Doctors Better or Worse?

The VA's New Approach to Healthcare IT is Surprising -- But Useful

Talking to Your Patients May Be The Most Effective Part of Their Treatment

Healthcare Depends on Collaboration With All of Our Colleagues

Do Healthcare Providers Experience the Same Polarization as Politicians?

A Smart Medical Collaboration Program With Shockingly Good Results

Education: Influencing Which Providers do Medical Collaboration Best

Being Collaborative (and Polite) Could Save Your Patient's Life

Is Your Hospital Safe From a Cyber Attack?

A 5-Minute Telemedicine Fix For a Big Problem in Medical Education

Loneliness Can Kill, and Doctors and Patients Both Suffer

What Donkeys Know About Healthcare Collaboration

The Surprising Effects of Simple Healthcare Provider Team-Building

Running is Good for Mental Health -- and a Reason to do Telemedicine

Why Community Paramedics are the Next Big Thing You've Never Heard Of

If You're an Aide, Healthcare Collaboration is the Tool You Didn't Know You Needed

What Steve Jobs & Benjamin Franklin Have in Common Might Change Medicine

A Step-by-Step for Specialists Using Telehealth for Care Coordination

A Step-by-Step for Primary Care Providers Using Telehealth for Care Coordination

Why the Indian Health Services Telemedicine Program May Not Work

Patient Handoffs Are Broken. This Study Gives an Easy Fix.

Why EMRs Cause Medical Mistakes -- And What You Can Do About It

Think Medical "Support Staff" Doesn't Do Telemedicine? You're Wrong.

Doing Something "Just to Be Safe" Can Kill a Patient

One Surprising Reason You Don't Have Time for Healthcare Collaboration

Why Teaching Healthcare Collaboration Is Impossible -- and Necessary

One Common Myth About Healthcare Collaboration

9 Telehealth Facts You Need to Know as a Healthcare Provider

3 Inspiring Reasons These Nurses Are Models of Healthcare Collaboration

HIPAA Security is a Concern for Collaborative Care, But What About For You?

A New $5 Million Fine Set a HIPAA Record

A New Study Asks: Are Telemedicine's Barriers Too Big to Overcome?

Money Can’t Stand in The Way of Better Healthcare

Joint Commission Rejects Secure Texting for Healthcare Collaboration

The Surprising Way to Beat Healthcare Provider Burnout

4 Telemedicine Trends that Will Affect How You Practice

Why the Stark Law is Bad for Doctors (and Healthcare Collaboration)

Why HIPAA Waivers Don't Happen + How to Stay Safe Without Them

Your Moments Alone May Be More Important Than Any You Spend in Healthcare Collaboration

The Surprising Reason Bigger Hospitals Don't Mean Lower Costs

10 Unexpected Reasons Telemedicine Helps Decrease Healthcare Costs

Are You Too Introverted for Healthcare Collaboration? Us Too.

Huge Legislative Changes for Store-and-Forward Telemedicine

Doctors Get Worse at Diagnosis Over Time - But You Don't Have To

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