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3 Key Things Experts See on the Horizon for Telemedicine

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Fri, Jan 29, 2016 @ 07:30 AM




Telemedicine is in the news increasingly often these days. And with so many of our colleagues pioneering the way, we we were interested to notice three new stories in the telemedicine space, recently. Experts have some interesting insights about what is coming and why -- which is helpful perspective for all of us working in the trenches each day. 

3 key things  experts spot on the horizon for telemedicine and healthcare collaboration:

1) Telemedicine is not as widespread as some think, but is certainly growing to the point of ubiquity.

"The good news is that the arrows are all moving in the right direction for growth,"John Jesser, vice president of provider engagement strategy for Anthem's LiveHealth Online, says. "Five years from now, it won't even be called telemedicine, it'll just be healthcare."  

2) It's great for individual healthcare providers to work on telemedicine or healthcare collaboration -- but leadership at the top of organizations is key.

"I think a lot of places have a one off; they have a guy like me who wants to do it, and an institution that says, 'yeah, go ahead, see what happens,'" says Judd Hollander, who oversees the deployment of telemedicine strategy at Jefferson Health. "In my world, we have support from Steve Klasko, the president and CEO, on down, driving it through the institution." 

3) Telemedicine can't just be a fragmented part of care -- it has to be an integral part of the system.

"We don't want it to be just another fragmented way for patients to get care," argues John Jesser. "Instead, we want it to be something that's part of the system. Our work is becoming more and more provider oriented, and we're working more with health systems and provider groups to bring the whole ecosystem together." 

It's often the case that it's not the trends that matter as much as the patient in front of us. But with telemedicine growing so quickly, it's good to understand thes big wave we're part of. 


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