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10 Unexpected Reasons Telemedicine Helps Decrease Healthcare Costs

Posted by Lawrence Kerr on Thu, Jun 16, 2016 @ 07:30 AM


It's so expected as to be mundane at this point, but healthcare costs are indeed rising.

As the New York Times reports, health plans nationwide are reporting rate increases for 2017. And many are very large -- Blue Cross Blue Shielf of Texas is seeking an increase of nearly 60%.

These rising costs are, of course, felt by individuals and families buying health insurance. They're perhaps felt by insurance companies. And they are felt acutely by hospital systems and healthcare providers -- who are often left with the burden of picking up the slack when the insurance, the individual, and the payment doesn't quite cover the true costs of care.

We believe that there is such a swell of support for telemedicine right now because of the context of rising costs in which we find ourselves. Telemedicine is a way for healthcare collaboration to happen, for care coordination to happen, and for key metrics to come into line -- all without huge investments of time or money in implementation.

10 simple ways that we see telemedicine playing a key role in cutting costs in the medical context in which we find ourselves:

Not all telemedicine is created equal. Some telemedicine solutions are so intensive to implement, that returns may not be reaped -- ever. So it's certainly not one-size-fits all, but telemedicine -- especially hybrid store-and-forward solutions that don't require expensive hardware -- can play a large role in getting healthcare costs down.


For more on how telemedicine can help your organization address rising costs, explore our free quick guide to telemedicine: 


ClickCare Quick Guide to Telemedicine

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